Corporate Social Responsibility
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1 DIPR/853/Display/2014 published in "The New Indian Express" on 20/08/2014 and in "Deccan Chronicle" on 21/08/201420/08/2014(I) Posts at Mills at Kagithapuram, Karur District:
1 Chief General Manager (Operations)/
General Manager (Operations)
2 Chief General Manager (Production)
3 General Manager (Pulp & Recovery Boiler)
4 Deputy General Manager (Finance) /
Assistant General Manager (Finance)
5 Senior Manager (Soda Recovery)
6 Deputy Manager (Soda Recovery) /
Assistant Manager (Soda Recovery) /
Shift Engineer (Soda Recovery)
(II) Posts at Multilayer Double Coated Board Plant, Mondipatti, Trichy District:
7 Chief General Manager (Board Production) /
General Manager (Board Production)
8 Deputy General Manager (Board Production) /
Assistant General Manager (Board Production)
9 Deputy General Manager (Finance) /
Assistant General Manager (Finance)
10 Assistant General Manager (Utility) /
Senior Manager (Utility)
11 Senior Manager (Electrical)
12 Senior Manager (Process) /
Manager (Process)
13 Assistant Manager (Stores) /
Officer (Stores)
(III) Post at Corporate Office, Chennai:
14 Officer (Secretarial)
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