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       Innovation is the process of turning ideas into manufacturing and marketable form and Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited (TNPL), an enterprise promoted by Government of Tamil Nadu, has precisely followed this adage. The Unit- I of TNPL at Kagithapuram, Karur district was commissioned in October 1985 with an installed capacity of 90,000 TPA of Newsprint/Fine Paper, in a single machine. Over a period of time, TNPL has added two more paper machines, besides upgrading the existing Paper machine. The increased production capacity of 400,000 TPA of writing and printing papers has made TNPL as one of the largest bagasse- a residue of sugar cane, as primary raw material, in the world.

 With an increased demand, the company has expanded the pulping capacity by way of installing new chemical hardwood line, upgrading the chemical bagasse pulp line and setting up a new deinked pulp line besides adopting ECF bleaching in all the chemical pulp lines. Simultaneously, the company has also increased the power plant capacity to meet the steam and energy requirement of the expanded mill.

 All the three modern high-speed paper machines are capable of producing variety of Writing and Printing papers and are equipped with state-of-the art automation to ensure consistent quality. The Company has earned a reputation as a pre-eminent player of manufacturing paper from bagasse having a world-wide creditability in the trade. Today, TNPL Unit-I is self sufficient in terms of power and pulp.


Founded and developed on the mantra of “ protecting environment and building enterprise,” TNPL based on the concept of “Waste to wealth “ commissioned a cement plant in January 2013 with an capacity of  600 tpd to manufacture high grade cement from mill waste materials  viz., Lime sludge and fly ash. TNPL is the first mill in the paper industry to produce cement from these solid wastes. TNPL has enhanced the production capacity to 900 tpd by introducing a Pre-calciner and other balancing equipment in the existing Cement Plant. The project was fully implemented by January 2016.
TNPL UNIT II, Mondipatti
    In its quest for expansion and adding additional capacity towards leadership in pulp and paper industry, TNPL has examined various options. As the existing site is saturated in terms of land area, TNPL thought of a green field project in a new location. As the Paper Board is recognized as a growing segment, TNPL thought it prudent to foray into this market segment. Accordingly, a Paper Board project was conceived, and thus TNPL Unit-II emerged.

    A total of 874 acres of land was acquired in Mondi Patti and nearby area in Manapparai Taluk, Trichy District to set up a Board Plant. TNPL Unit-II was designed to produce 200,000 MT per annum high grade Paper Board for usage in pharmaceutical, health care, food, cosmetics and other consumer product industries, in various GSM ranging from 170 to 450.

    Civil construction for the project was started in April 2014. Machinery erection was completed in December 2015 and the Board was reeled on January 21, 2016, in a record time of 22 months. The commercial production has commenced from 1.05.2016. The plant was constructed using cement manufactured by TNPL in its Cement Plant in Kagithapuram. With the completion of Board Project in January 2016, the total production capacity of TNPL has increased to 600,000 MT per annum.
    The state-of-the-art multilayer double coated paper board machine with an annual capacity of 200,000 MT  supplied by VOITH, Germany has advance features like tandem shoe press, Speed sizer for surface sizing, three on-line coating stations, hard and soft nip calendering and a winder. The machine has on-line quality control system for monitoring and controlling the end product quality requirements like GSM, Moisture, Bulk, Thickness and PPS, Stiffness etc.

      The finished reel is stretch filmed and then Kraft wrapped in Raumaster, Finland. Based on the market demand, the reels are converted into sheets through 4 Nos modern and fully automatic sheet cutting machines, MILTEX imported from Italy. The cut sheets are packed in Ream packing machine sourced from MARUISI, Japan. The Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) supplied by PESMEL from Finland is capable of storing 30,000 MT of finished Paper Board in reel form and 6,000 MT in sheet form.
       A full-fledged modern auto line quality testing laboratory AUTOLAB from Valmet, Finland will test various properties of the finished paper board like Surface smoothness, bending strength, gloss, tensile strength, brightness, compression test and burst factor etc., to meet the stringent quality standards for Board.

        TNPL paper board products are marketed under the brand name AURA Inspired by Nature, has a wide range of product applications, which includes FOLDING BOX BOARD, SOLID BLEACHED SULPHATE BOARD, WHITE LINED CHIP BOARD, GREY BACK BOARD in coated segment and CUP STOCK in uncoated segment. FBB has different variants like Aura Fold Plus, Aura Fold Eco, Aura Fold Premium and Aura Fold Blu. Aura Grafik and Aura Ace are a few variants of SBS and Aura Flute, Aura Flute Plus and Aura Cup Base are the variants in Cup Stock.

         To meet the steam and power requirements, 2 Nos. of 90 tph Boilers capable of generating steam at 105 ata and 515˚ C, designed and supplied by THERMAX and a 30 MW Turbo Generator(TG) set supplied by BHEL, have been installed.
         A modern Effluent Treatment Plant has been installed to treat the waste water. The treated waste water is being used to irrigate 570 acres of land in the adjacent factory area earmarked to develop Green cover. Environmentally conscious TNPL has already planted 680,000 trees in 68 varieties including teak wood, mango, neem, coconut and many other flowering trees. The treated waste water is being used for the plantation, through drip irrigation. This would transform the area in a thick Green cover over a period time facilitating a visible improvement in the environmental standards.

        TNPL has installed the first wind farm of 15 MW capacity during 1993-94 at Devarkulam, Perungudi of Tirunelveli District. Since then the Company has increased the wind farm capacity to 35.5 MW in stages. The wind farm power is exported to the grid besides meeting the power requirements for its Corporate Office in Chennai and Perugamani water head works by wheeling.
        TNPL has also setup a “Conversion Centre of Paper and Packaging Board (CCPPB) Unit” in 38 acres of land at Mayanur in Karur District. An industrial shed measuring 120,000 square feet has been made ready for occupation for paper conversion centre and units related to paperboard/paper industry. TNPL has installed a core paper manufacturing unit to meet the requirements of its Unit I and II. A poly coating facility for paper cup manufacturing is also functioning in this facility. More ancillary units are expected at this site.
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