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Our Products Quality Policy
TNPL offers high-quality surface sized and non-surface sized paper to suit the needs of modern high speed printing machines. TNPL's cutting edge technology backed by experienced professionals ensures quality products to customers. TNPL’ s manufacturing processes are equipped with state-of-the-art control systems to maintain critical quality parameters on line. The paper produced by TNPL is eco- friendly as the pulp is manufactured out of renewable raw material and is subjected to Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) bleaching. As the paper is acid free, it has a longer colour stability and enhanced permanency in terms of strength characteristics.

TNPL caters to the requirements of multifunctional printing processes like sheet-fed, web offset, and digital printers. The paper reels have uniform profile with strength properties to cope even with high speed machines. TNPL manufactures Printing and Writing Papers in substances ranging from 50 GSM to 110 GSM.

TNPL Ultra White Maplitho / Print Vista
  TNPL Elegant Mapilitho
  Hi-Tech Maplitho
  TNPL Pigment Paper
  Radiant Printing
  Ace Marvel
  Hardbound Notebook
  TNPL Offset Printing
  Copy Crown
  TNPL Copier
  Students' Favourites
  Super Print Maplitho
  Perfect Copier
TNPL - Maker of bagasse based eco-friendly paper