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TNPL firmly believes that Human Resource (HR) is the most precious resource available in the company. Hence it is company’s endeavour to harness the Human Resources through various training and skill developmental programmes and innovative HR initiatives. Besides, TNPL has also instituted various employee welfare measures to provide an ideal working environment and improve the quality of work life. 


A self contained modern Township with 702 houses, Bachelor’s Hostel, staff mess, study centre with library, Recreation clubs with libraries, park, and places for religious worship have been established.


•  Entire medical expenditure is borne by the Company, if an employee suffers from any one of the following seven serious ailments Viz., Heart Ailment, Cancer, Kidney Transplantation, Paralysis, Leprosy, Tuberculosis and Brain Surgery. For industrial accident cases, Company bears the entire medical expenses and payment of medical expenses will be directly made to the Hospital.
•   In respect of ailments not falling under 7 serious ailments, 50% of medical expenditure is met by the Company for employees and their dependents.
•   Comprehensive Health check-up for employees above 40,50,56 and 59 years of age.
•   Availability of Specialized Doctors in Occupational Health Centre on Sundays. 


•   Group Personal Accident Insurance cover. In case of death by an accident, the nominee will get 96 months’ salary (Basic + DA).
•   Superannuation scheme for employees.
•   Interest subsidy on Housing Loans.
•   TNPL Schools Society runs TNPL Public School (CBSE pattern) and TNPL Matriculation and Higher Secondary School. In addition, ITI is also being run by TNPL Arakkodai Trust.
•   Banks and Post office with ATMs in Colony premises.
•   Family Planning Incentives for employees.
•   Corporate day gift to all employees once in a year.
•   Funeral expenses.
•   Community Hall and HRD Hall with a nominal rent.
•   Tour for families of employees.
•   A modern Sports stadium with 400 metre track and a separate full-fledged Gymnasium. Full-fledged play ground for indoor and outdoor games like cricket, Tennis, Shuttle, Ball Badminton, Volley ball, Basket Ball, Table Tennis, etc in Colony premises.
•   Digitalised cable TV Systems for TNPL Colony.
•   Air Rifle Shooting Range to train young children.
•   At 50% of the market rate, 12 long size notebooks for all employees or 24 long size note books to employees are issued annually if they are having 2 school going children in  addition to one ream of A4 size paper to all the employees.
•   Uniforms, Shoes and Diary are issued to all the employees annually. Rain coat is issued once in 4 years to all employees.
•   Co-operative and Thrift Society for the benefit of employees.
•   Marriage Gifts.
•   200 cement bags to employees at dealer’s invoice rate less discount. 


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