Ordinary Portland Cement

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)


OPC 43 Grade cement produced by TNPL is used for heavy duty floors, plastering, pre-cast concrete modules, concrete blocks and pipes. OPC – 43 Grade cement has higher strength and is used for construction of buildings, roads, culverts and water storage applications.

Chemical Requirements
Loss on Ignition % 0.8-1.0 (5.0 max)
Insoluble Residue % 0.5-0.8(4.0 max)
Chloride Content % 0.02(0.1 max)
Magnesia (MgO) % 1.4-1.8 (6.0 max)
Physical Requirements
Fineness (Blaines) M*M/Kg 300-350(225 min)
Le - Chatelier Expansion MM 1-2 (10 max)
Autoclave Expansion %< 0.1(0.8 max)
Setting Time-Initial MIN 90-120(30 min)
Sulphuric Anhydride(SO3) % 1.8-2.2(3.5 max)
Compression Strength 3days MPa 30-32(23 min)
Compression Strength 7days MPa 38-43(33 min)
Compression Strength 28days MPa 48-53(43 min)
Setting Time Final MIN 150-180(600 max)


Application: Construction of Buildings, Construction of Roads, Construction of Culverts, Construction of Water Storage



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