Research & Development

Research & Development

TNPL’s contemporary cutting edge technology processes and equipments along with a team of dedicated trained professionals ensure that customers always get consistent quality products. State of the art ‘Online Process Control Systems’ installed at various stages of manufacturing processes continuously measure and control critical parameters. R&D and QC activities are aimed towards achieving company’s corporate goals.


 Sustained R&D efforts to support process for improvements in quality and trouble shooting. 

 Customized support to customers and provide workable solutions for specific problems.

 Right quality and quantity of raw materials usage ensured through structured sampling and testing.

 Effective pollution abatement measures to meet all statutory and mandatory norms which also fetch Carbon Credit benefits.

 Set product norms/specifications to meet customer requirements based on national/ international standards applicable.

 Appraise conformance by inspection and testing of periodic samples in one of the best equipped laboratories in the country.

 Take corrective action, if necessary and sustain the standards achieved.

R&D and QC department plays a pro active roll in meeting the company’s environmental and quality policy.

TNPL Centre for Biotechnology and Bioenergy 

Pulp and paper industry basically has strong relationship with biology and biotechnology, as the main source of paper making raw material comes from the plant source. TNPL has realized the importance of biotechnology and its application to paper industry and has created advanced research facility to work on the Biotechnology and Bioenergy.
TNPL has around 6000 square feet of built-up area to accommodate two major research facilities to work on Plant Biotechnology (Plant Tissue Culture and Microbial Biotechnology and bioenergy). Besides, facilities like Polyhouse, Shade Net and an experimental field station of around five acres are attached to the new facility and plan to introduce new plant breeding facility to cater to the needs of above research programs. 

Tissue culture, “the process of growing cells artificially in the laboratory? produces clones, in which all product cells have the same genotype. The three key areas in which plant cell & tissue culture have direct application in paper industry are:

 Large scale propagation of elite and improved clones from hybrid or specific parent lines through micro propagation.

 Production of disease-free and uniform growth character plantlets.

 Development of plant varieties through cellular and molecular techniques in conjunction with coventional plant breeding.

TNPL has developed tissue culture protocol for 2 clones. 2,70,000 seedlings were developed from superior Eucalyptus clone and supplied to farmers through Plantation section during the past 2 financial years. First time in the country, the mini cutting propagation based on sand bed mini clonal garden was developed by integrating the micro and macro propagation.  


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