TNPL Paper Board Products

TNPL Paper Board Products

Aura, the attractive range of boards from TNPL is the preferred choice of discerning customers. Its fine reproduction quality and versatility have made it a true game changer. Its wide range satisfies all requirements of customers who demand superior packaging.

Brand owners trust Aura range of products to add value to their packaging, thereby exceeding market expectations. Unique features of the Aura range of boards make the finished product stand out in the marketplace, giving it a competitive edge!

State-of-the-art Machines 

Unit II plant is equipped with versatile equipment supplied and installed by world leaders - Paper board machine by VOITH, Germany, Conical refiners by Valmet, Finland, Waste Paper and Fibre preparation system by VOITH, Germany and Chemical Preparation and Coating colour system by GAW, Austria. 

Advanced Features 

The Board machine has the most advanced features like dilution head box, tandem shoe press, speed sizer, MG, hard nip calender, three on-line coating stations, soft nip calender and a high speed winder. 

The MG cylinder ensures superior surface finish and bulk to the board produced from this machine. The machine has six on-line quality control scanners for monitoring and controlling the end product quality properties like GSM and its surface profile, thickness and coat weight. 

The finished reel from the winder is handled through a system designed by Raumaster, Finland to enable stretch film packing and Kraft wrapping. Based on the market requirement, the reels will be converted into sheets with 5 modern fully automatic Synchro Fly Sheet cutting machines supplied by Miltex, Italy. 

 The cut sheets are further packed in a ream wrapping machine sourced from Maruishi, Japan. The Automatic Storage and Retrieval system (ASRS) supplied by Pesmel, Finland is capable of storing about 30,000 MT of paper board in reel form and 6,000 MT in sheet form. The High Density Storage system enables to store up to 2,500 MT of finished goods, to cater on-demand customer needs on time. 

Auto Lab 

 A full-fledged modern automatic quality testing lab supplied by Valmet, Finland tests various properties of the finished paper board like surface smoothness, bending stiffness, gloss, brightness and shade, short span compression test, tear factor and burst factor to meet the stringent quality standards for board as per international standard methods like ISO/TAPPI/SCAN. 

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