TNPL Paper Products

TNPL Paper Products

TNPL Elegant Printing

An ideal printing substrate with superior brightness and high smoothness with low two-sidedness, it provides better visual appeal due to its subtle pink and polite blue tone resulting in unmatched readability and viewing pleasure. As a surface sized grade, it delivers exceptional performance in web offset and sheet offset with high surface strength providing higher print throughput. It is the best choice for text books, calendars, diaries & annual reports and is truly a printers delight. 

TNPL Radiant Stationery

A specially designed surface sized grade to deliver peak performance in the conversion of student exercise note books, text books, brochures and commercial grade printing. This Maplitho grade provides smooth surface for writing with a variety of pens. The high brightness level coupled with a pleasant shade has made it a most sought after grade in the domestic and international markets.

TNPL Radiant Platinum

This specialty grade is produced in a new state of the art machine to provide high bulk, even-formation and absolutely even-sided smoothness, which is a very rare combination in the paper industry. The high resilience of this paper makes this grade an ideal substrate for very high quality text book printing applications / deluxe note book making and other high end four-color printing applications. The superior strength properties and surface sizing renders this paper a robust one for demanding jobs. This grade is much sought after for calendar and computer stationery printing.

TNPL Print Fine

Print Fine is a printer’s delight. The extra ordinary smoothness turns out perfect image reproduction with minute details. It is presented in a pleasant shade which is readily accepted by printers who are very concerned about faithful colour reproduction. This stock caters to High end multi colour printing jobs and reproduction of high definition text books.

TNPL Copier Platinum

TNPL Copier paper is known for its outstanding performance. Its features include Trouble free running, No multi- feed or jamming, Low toner consumption, Low abrasion of drums, Very high stiffness, High dimensional stability and Air tight packing. All these characteristics are attributed to the well formulated furnish mix, addition of engineered fillers, state of the art surface sizing, soft nip calendering precise cutting and packing in the state of the art automatic cut pack machines. This grade is known for high value for money and minimum wastage.

TNPL Copy Crown

TNPL Copy Crown is a premium grade multipurpose office stationery paper presented in very high brightness and immaculate cleanliness. Its features include Trouble free running, No multi- feed or jamming, Low toner consumption, Low abrasion of drums, Very high stiffness, High dimensional stability and Air tight packing. This very special export grade contains special recipe in the furnish blend to meet the exacting performance in high speed copiers. The robust construction and visual appeal makes this grade suitable for office stationery applications.

TNPL Pigmented Paper

The pigmented Paper is an ultimate extra premium grade from the House of TNPL. This matt finished two side light weight coated paper satisfies the quest of quality conscious printers who want to achieve extraordinary results. This special grade is engineered to generate high print gloss with the technology of soft nip calendering. The silky surface accentuates all the best results expected out of a printing substrate. This grade is used in applications such as high quality four colour printing jobs, FMCG covers / packets / paper sachet, High colour quality journals, High intense text book printing like medical books and High quality labels, inserts etc.

TNPL Printers’ Choice

TNPL Printers’ Choice

A grade exclusively designed for sheet fed offset printing applications it is cut in ideal sizes to make it a ‘ready to use’ commodity for specialty printing jobs in sheet offset. The brightness level and the cool shade delivers outstanding printing results, faithful colour reproduction with precise details. This high smooth surface variety is apt for those who look for a versatile print media to impress perfectionists.

TNPL Ace Marvel

A star product in TNPL’s range. The runnability and dimensional stability of the product in the demanding applications of multiple coating has made this product a preferred one. This grade is cherished by those who make thermal paper / carbon paper / carbonless paper and paper sachets with eye capturing print quality.  This exclusive lower GSM grade has no match in the country and the higher GSM of this grade is preferred for sublimation and diary.

TNPL Eco Maplitho

A versatile and popular grade for those who seek quality at an optimum cost – value for money. Used in multifarious applications like text book printing, note book making, wide range of stationery items / labels / wrappers etc. The pleasant shade and the even smoothness & formation make it the most wanted grade; it is also available in natural shades. The usage of engineered fillers has made this grade highly opaque with a Matt finish.

TNPL Hi-tech Maplitho

A product created to provide a brilliant look and a favourable impression. An ideal substrate for quality multicolour text book printing and calendars, this grade is best suited for computer stationery and Note books. The fine and smooth surface provides faithful image sharpness and exceptional writing pleasure.

TNPL Greenpal

TNPL Greenpal are made from bright, strong and smooth paper encased between attractive wrappers in multi colour trendy designs. The durable binding is the best in the market. The popular sizes and affordable price are the students’ delight. Each notebook propagates eco - friendly message to the student community.


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