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TNPL is the largest paper mill in Tamil Nadu which started its commercial production during 1984 with an initial capacity of 0.09 Million Tonnes per annum. Over the years, the capacity has been escalated and the present capacity is 0.4 Million Tonnes of printing and writing paper per annum. The industry needs annually around 0.5 million tones of pulp wood to meet the 35% of raw material. To meet out the pulp wood demand and become self-reliant in pulp wood TNPL created "Plantation Department" during 2003-04.

Plantation activities

To improve the pulpwood availability TNPL initiated plantation activities from 2004-05. The pulpwood plantations were established in the vacant and degraded lands belonging to farmers and Government departments through two schemes viz., Captive Plantation & Farm forestry.

During 2017-18, pulpwood plantation has been established in an extent of about 3364.56 acres belonging to 892 farmers under Farm Forestry Scheme in which, Casuarina (26%) and Eucalyptus (74%) are major pulpwood species planted. The species wise extent covered with Number of FMU is represented below:

 Area developed under Farm Forestry Plantation during 2017-18 

To establish the quality of the plantation, new improved clones/seedlings from selected plus trees were produced and supplied from TNPL’s Clonal Propagation Research Centre. About 92.00 lakh plants were produced and 64.42 lakh plants were supplied and an amount of Rs. 132.02 lakhs were realized through sales. The production vs sale of various pulpwood species during 2017-18 are represented below:

The pulpwood plantations raised during 2017-18, were distributed in 27 districts of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, in which 6 districts cover the 70% of the total extent. The extent details, plants sold and number of Farm Management Units (FMU) in the major districts are tabulated in Table.


Extent (acres)

Number of Plants sold (in lakhs)


% of extent covered

Pudukkottai 938.34 15.4 213 28 
Ariyalur 358.93 5.12 128  11
Sivagangai 332.98 4.16 60  10
Tiruchirapalli 305.57 4.92 60 9
Erode 220.09 2.72 78 7
Namakkal 204.29 3.17 103 6
Other 21 Districts 1004.36 28.93 250 30
Grand Total 3364.56 64.42 892  

Pulpwood Procurement

Due to water crisis the annual pulpwood requirement has come down from 4.0 lakh MT to 2.5 lakh MT during 2017-18, in which about 49% of pulpwood raw materials were obtained from Government sources, 12% from Plantation sources and 39% from market sources to meet out the demand. The quantities from various sources are represented below:

About 30,000 MT of pulpwood procured from the plantation raised under TNPL Plantation scheme in which, 24,224 MT from Farm Forestry Plantations and 5914 MT from Captive Plantations. The districts from where the major quantity of pulpwood sourced are Ariyalur (50%), Pudukkottai (30%) and remaining 20% from Karur, Namakkal, Cuddalore, Kanchipuram, Sivagangai, Tiruchirapalli, and Tirunelveli districts. 

 Achievements of Plantation Schemes and Production from Clonal Propagation & Research centre


Extent of pulpwood
plantation (acres)

No. of. FMU

(No. of. plants
in lakh)

(No. of. Plants
in lakh)

Pulpwood Quantity
received from
(MT in lakh)

During 2017-18 3,365 892 92 64.42 0.30
Till 2017-18 1,24,080 24,179 1,027 958.28 10.00

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