Aura Flute Supreme (AFS)

Aura Flute Supreme (AFS)


Folding Box Board, Two sides coated paperboard with 100% bleached chemical pulp on top and bottom layers and engineered special mechanical fibres in the middle layer. Paperboard with high whiteness, brightness & brilliance. Good Bulk and stiffness coupled with premium printability is the perfect choice for high end and demanding packaging.

SUBSTANCE: Ranges from 260 – 320 gsm

Parameter UOM Specifications
190 ±3%
 Caliper µm 219 ± 5%
 Bulk  cc/g 1.15 ±5%
 PPS (topside), max  µm 2.0 
 ISO Brightnesss, min %ISO   
Top   83.0 
Bottom   83.0 
Cobb60 max g/m2   
Top    30
Bottom    30
Stiffness, min mN   
MD    76
 CD   35 
GM   52 
Edge wick, max  kg/m2/hr 0.8 
IGT dry pick, min  m/s  0.7
Gloss @75°, min  35
Plybond, min J/m2  200
NOTE: The results of the properties are as per TNPL lab test measurments according to International standard test methods - TAPPI/ISO. Conforming to BFR XXXVI, IS6615, US FDA 21.CFR.176.170 standards.

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