• Thiru D.V.S.S.A.Bhanu Prasad


D.V.S.S.A.Bhanu Prasad


General Manager (Mechanical)


52 years


B.Tech (Mechanical)


28 Years of Experience in Projects, Maintenance of Cement, Pulp and Paper, Online Coted Board Machines. Widely Travelled to Europe, Uk, Asia for Selection of Suppliers and Pulp and Paper Machine and Converting Equipment. Worked in Abroad for Norecom. GMBH.  

Worked In Uk, Finland On Deputation From ITC Ltd PSPD And BGPPL (BILT) Respectively For Their Board Machines and Pulp Mill Projects Respectively.

Present Role

Head of Mechanical Maintenance for Board Machine, Converting Section, Associated Plants of Board Machine & Head Of Mechanical Work Shop, Auto Work Shop, Roll Grinding Machine Work Shop.