• Dr. M Arumugam


Dr. M Arumugam


56 years


Ph. D (Supply chain management), M.B.A., Ph. D (Artificial Intelligence), M.tech I.I.T


Dr. M Arumugam has been in software industry with 3 decades of experience and founded Broadline Group of Companies which includes Broadline computer systems and Broadline Technologies Private Limited, a premier player in IT services. 

He has pioneered the drug logistics management model for the state of Tamil Nadu, which has won acclaims from World Bank, WHO and other leading international agencies. This model has been replicated across India and Worldwide. He has also been providing consultancy to various national and international organizations in health, logistics and SCM, power and education. 

He has been instrumental in spearheading and carrying out a number of state and federal government IT initiatives for e-governance, especially those centered on the health, defence, education, public sector and power industries. He won the prestigious Prime Ministers e-governance award for successful innovation in the year 2000.

The Tamil Nadu government appointed him as a member of the States’ IT standardization committee and in this position he has been successful in bringing wider awareness about IT applications to decision makers.

He has worked as a consultant at the Home Ministry of Government of India and number of projects with Danida Unaids, The World Bank specializing on different aspects of SCM and logistics-sourcing and procurement, forecasting, storage and distribution, MIS, etc., particularly in health sector.

His keen interest in furthering education and social growth has resulted in him being associated with the Anna University, Chennai, IIT and several other educational institutions in India on an advisory basis. He has held positions of Member of the Doctoral Committee, Syndicate Member and Member Board of Studies at these Universities. 

He was also associated as Adjunct Professor of Supply Chain Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Zaragoza Logistics Centre, Zaragoza, Spain in 2008. 

Currently he is associated as Professor of Technology in Plymouth University, UK.

Inter-se Director Relationship

Dr. M Arumugam is not having any inter se relation with other Directors of the Company.